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Being made in the image of our creative God, students’ creative abilities and talents are a reflection of Him. Students grow in their visual literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving as they create visual art as a form of communication and expression. In middle school, students’ technical skills are developed further with a variety of tools and materials as they engage in the creative process of planning, creating, and reflecting. Students will also learn art history and mathematical concepts relating to the units of study. Since art is meant to be celebrated and shared, you will see artwork on display throughout the school hallways and in local art shows.

Music and band are vital parts of our curriculum.  Students participate in music class and choir beginning in 5k, but singing and the love of music are carried far beyond the classroom.  Students have the opportunity to perform in our annual Christmas concert as well as a spring program and the WI Christian Schools Music Festival.  Weekly chapels are also a wonderful time of worship and song!  Band is offered to students beginning in 5th grade, including both sectional lessons and full band.