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Sheboygan County Christian School

Academic Goals

Recognize that Scripture is the absolute source of truth, and must be used for discernment.

Explore and develop individual God-given gifts to fulfill our calling to responsible service in the community, nation and the world.

Develop creativity, leadership and critical thinking skills to accurately analyze, evaluate, and act on information and ideas.

Communicate effectively to engage God's world.

School Profile

Director of Academics & Instruction:  Mrs. Ann Steenwyk,

Director of Finance & Development:  Mr. Justin Zylstra

Registrar:  Mr. John Andringa

Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Jenna Ege

Sheboygan County Christian School’s high school campus was established in 1971. The SCCS high school campus is located on the south side of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a lakeshore Wisconsin community of approximately 50,000 people. It serves students from throughout the lakeshore area.


Sheboygan County Christian School has been established and is maintained by an association of Christian parents who are committed to training their children in keeping with the teachings of the Holy Bible.

The program of studies is designed to prepare Christian young people to take their places in society through entering the workforce upon graduation or continuing their education in institutions of higher learning. Courses in the arts, business education and applied arts, combined with more traditional offerings, provide a well-rounded curricular experience for all students. The school year of 180 days consists of two semesters. Each of the semesters is divided into two nine-week marking periods. A final exam is administered at the end of each semester.

The school day consists of eight periods of 45 minutes each, during which all students are required to take seven courses.


Accredited by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Association

Accredited by Christian Schools International.

Enrollment: 2017-2018: 102 in grades 9-12

Faculty: Full-time: 6 and Part-time: 6; Four have Master's Degrees

5-year ACT Average: Composite:  22.5; WI State Average:  21.5

School Code: 502088

Special Courses

Sheboygan County Christian offers Advanced Biology, US History, Computer Science, Computer Science Principles, Chemistry, Calculus, and Spanish. In addition, students have taken the AP test in English, government, literature and physics based on their normal class work. CAPP courses are offered through Lakeland College, along with blended learning courses, and independent studies opportunities. A program of academic support assists students with study skills instruction as well as a variety of other supportive services.

Sheboygan County Christian High School has launched a program called EDvance, where students can earn up to 15 college credits while attending SCCHS. Currently, SCCHS is partnering with Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. GCU offers dual enrollment as a benefit to schools such as SCCHS as a part of the Grand Canyon University Christian Schools Consortium. This dual credit program started in 2014 and has become more popular for parents and their students who want to get ahead on their credits for college. For more information, check out the Grand Canyon University - Christian Schools Consortium.


Our grading scale reflects our desire to challenge all of our students, particularly in classes with a broad range of student abilities.  We do not currently grant Honor status or a weighted scale for any of our classes.  The GPA shown on our transcripts is based on a non-weighted 4.0 scale.

Grading Scale

100 – 96  = A

 95 – 90  = A-

 89 – 87  = B+

 86 – 84  = B

 83 – 80  = B-

 79 – 77  = C+

 76 – 74  = C

 73 – 70  = C-

 69 – 67  = D+

 66 – 64  = C

 63 – 60  = D-

 59 & below  = Failing