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Tuition and Fees

Affording SCCS

It is our belief that a Christian education at SCCS is an investment not an expense.  To that end, we strive to keep the cost of tuition affordable for all families, so that finances are not a factor when deciding to send your children to SCCS.
Investing in your child’s education at Sheboygan County Christian School can be one of the most important investments that you will make for your child. However, we understand that this can also create a significant financial burden for some families.

SCCS wishes to promote access to all families who desire a Christ-centered, excellent education and who meet the eligibility requirements for aid.  There are several ways that SCCS achieves this:
  1.  Through the generosity of our supporters we are able to provide tuition assistance grants to our families.
  2.  Interest free loans that the family pays back to the school once their student has graduated from our school. 
  3.  The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program


How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

You must first apply to Sheboygan County Christian School for admissions in order for your tuition assistance request to be considered. Once you have done so, you may apply for tuition assistance online at FACTS Grant and Aid. Please be sure to comply with the May 20 deadline in submitting all required documents in order to be considered in the first round as funds are limited. While you may still apply for aid after this date, please be advised that most awards will have already been granted, and any additional aid will be awarded on a funds available basis.

Facts about Tuition Assistance
  • Tuition assistance is not a scholarship, but rather tuition reduction based on family financial need.
  • Tuition assistance is strictly need based. SCCS uses the financial analysis of FACTS Grant and Aid, an unbiased third party, to determine need. FACTS Grant and Aid requires parents to complete an online statement annually.
  • All financial information is held in complete confidence.
  • All supporting documents must be completed and submitted to and verified by FACTS before any application will be reviewed.
  • Families who receive tuition assistance need to re-apply each year, and their applications are re-evaluated based on the family’s continued need, while yearly awards are dispersed based on availability of tuition assistance funds.
  • The amount of awards varies according to the financial resources of each family. However, SCCS typically does not award more than half of the tuition to any student. While SCCS tries to provide as much assistance as possible, the school is limited in its tuition assistance resources.
  • Tuition assistance is not available for preschool children.


The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

Sheboygan County Christian School participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, which allows students who reside in a Wisconsin School District to attend our school using state aid when certain eligibility criteria are met.  For more information regarding the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program at SCCS and eligibility please contact the school office at 920.457.3060 or use the links below.
You can also find information at School Choice Wisconsin.