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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have financial aid? 
Yes, our school awards interest free loans and / or outright grants to families based on family need and the amount of funds available in the scholarship fund.

How do you decide who gets financial aid? 
A family is required to apply to a school selected third party company. That company then generates a report and sends it back to the school, identifying the families that need the most financial aid. Based on the amount of available funds, the school’s Finance Committee does it best to equitably distribute grants and or loans.  

A loan is an interest free amount of money that the family pays back to the school, once the student has graduated from our school. A grant is a gift of money that does not need to be re-paid.

What are your academic results? 
Our students are well prepared for a post secondary education. Our ACT scores over the past 5 years have averaged out to be 23.8. This score is based on all upper classmen who took a college readiness test, called the ACT. Our scores are well above local, state and national scores.

We currently have students enrolled at Duke, Marquette, Notre Dame, University of Wisconsin Madison, and a host of other colleges and universities.

Do I have to attend church to send my child to your school? 
We do ask parents to attend church. Parents are also required to sign a statement of belief.

Church attendance as a family is a key part of raising a child. A Christian school can also be another key component. When students are raised in a Christian home, attend a Christian school and attend a Bible believing church, the child is going to receive a solid foundation for life.

Does the school teach one church’s doctrine? 
We are not under the authority of a church denomination or group. We are a parent governed school, made up of families that attend over 35 churches in a tri-county area.  We have families of many denominations.

We teach from a perspective that all of life belongs to our sovereign, Holy God. Because of our sin, we are unable to save our world or ourselves on our own. However, Jesus Christ has paid the price of man’s sin and in doing so has freed us to live lives of joyful service, free of guilt. We educate our students to be salt and light, transforming society in the name of Jesus Christ.