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Featured Family: The DuMezes

Please share with us a few ways in which your family has been blessed through a relationship with SCCS.

Just the smaller setting helped all my kids. They had gone to a public school to start and got lost, didn’t have a lot of friends but the tight knit community was right for them.


Please share with us the reasons you chose SCCS for your child’s/children’s education. Why would you recommend SCCS to another family who is trying to make a decision for their child’s educational future?

In the public school the teachers were not helping them to learn the materials with the attention they needed. They got them to pass but didn’t help them to find the right way to learn for themselves. They did a lot of the stuff for them like organization instead of teaching them to do it themselves. Plus there wasn’t the spiritual growth that they truly needed.


Share a Story: Is there a specific time a faculty or staff member positively impacted you or your child that you would like to share with us?

Steve Vandrunen made it a personal mission to get my child to organize, and learn to use the right tools for her to learn better. The personal relationship with the students is something you won’t get anywhere else. They truly care about all the kids and want to see them achieve success. Plus as a role model can’t think of a much better person. He was a huge influence in my life back when I had him as a teacher. There are things to this day that I still think of. He has a huge impact on many people’s lives.

Want to share how SCCS has impacted your family? Share your story here.