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Master Planning

For the past 14 months, the Steering Committee at Sheboygan County Christian School has been working through the process of creating a facilities master plan for our school.  This process began in November of 2016 when 14 people got together to tour our facilities, talk about the merger of our school, talk about the history of the building process at the elementary campus, and to discuss what our needs and wants were for the future. 

Since that time, the Steering Committee has done their research on a variety of topics including the educational rationale for a unified campus, strategic planning, and the fundraising capacity of our community.  They have struggled with questions like, "What does our school want to be in the future?"  "How much square footage do we really need?"  "How many students do we think that we can grow our school to?"  "Does one location give us a better opportunity to grow than another?"  "How can we do a better job of marketing our school?"  "How will changes in the voucher program impact our school?

The Steering Committee knows that many of these things are beyond our control, and they won’t know for sure what the answers to some of these questions will be for some time.  What they do know is that they have felt God leading the process.  At every turn He has helped to guide every decision that they have made.  And, as they continue to move forward, the Steering Committee’s #1 goal is to do what is best for Christian education in Sheboygan County not only today, but also for the next 20+ years.

As they moved through the many meetings, the Steering Committee realized that they needed experts in several areas to assist them through the process.  After soliciting proposals from several firms in each area, and conducting interviews of the qualified parties, the Steering Committee recommended to the board that they hire the Timothy Group to assist in fundraising, Abacus Architects to assist in building design and planning, and Jos. Schmitt Construction to assist with pricing and ultimately constructing the buildings.

Steering Committee Timeline


In October of 2017, the Steering Committee, along with Abacus and members of our staff, toured four different schools to gather ideas that would ultimately help us as we designed our own building.  During this same time, there were also meetings between Abacus and our staff to gather information about how they teach in their classrooms and how this would impact the design.  From these meetings Abacus was able to prepare an finial set of drawings for both the Greenfield Avenue property and the property located on County Road Y.

Through November and December, Abacus, the Steering Committee and the staff reviewed and adjusted the plans until they arrived at something they felt gave our school the best ability to move forward. 

During the month of January 2018, the Steering Committee worked with Jos. Schmitt Construction to develop construction budgets for these two properties, and to incorporate those into the capital campaign budget that also included dollars to eliminate the school's debt and to build up the school's marketing, enrollment and development programs.  This remains an ongoing process.  The Steering Committee is committed to finding alternatives that keep this project within the $6 million campaign budget which has been recommended by the Timothy Group, and they are actively working with Abacus and Jos. Schmitt Construction to revise the plans and budgets to meet this number.  

To aid in that process, the Steering Committee is asking for your feedback on the plans.  They are holding Focus Group meetings to gather the community's feedback on the two plans that have been presented.  Those plans and the associated budgets are shown below.  You are encouraged to review these documents, and to contact a Steering Committee member with any questions, concerns or feedback that you might have related to this process. 

Finally, as we, as a school community, continue to move forward, the Steering Committee and the School Board would ask that you will join us in praying that God's will for our school would become clear, and that we can move forward with the plan that He has for our school.

Site Plan for the County Road Y Property


New Facility on the County Road Y Property


Estimated Campaign Budget for the New Facility on the County Road Y Property


Site Plan for the Greenfield Avenue Property


Renovations and Additions to the Greenfield Avenue Property


Estimated Campaign Budget for the Renovations and Additions to the Greenfield Avenue Property