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Our Campuses

High School Campus

Our High School Campus, located at 929 Greenfield Avenue, sits on just under 15 acres on Sheboygan's south side.  This location became the permenant home of our high school in 1971, and since that time it has under gone a number of renovations.  In 1995, a major building renovation was undertaken to add on our current Multi-Purpsose Room, Music Room, Woods Shop, Science classrooms and lab and new varsity locker rooms.  In 2008, there was a complete renovation of the gymnasium which included new bleachers, backboards and a new basketball court.  And finally, in 2013, there was a renovation of the front entry and office area.  

Elementary Campus

Our Elementary Campus, located at 418 Geele Avenue, sits on just under 1.5 acres on Sheboygan's north side.  The elementary school initially met in the basement of the old 1st CRC located on Superior Ave.  As the school continued to grow, the vision for the school also continued to grow.  Land was purchased on Third and Lincoln and a brand new four room school house was built. The new school was dedicated on January 2, 1912.  By 1926 it was determined that another site was needed and land was purchased on Geele Ave., the present location.  On November 23, 1946, a building fund drive exceeded their goal of $30,000 and within a few years the present Elementary Campus was built on it's current location.

Our Future Combined Campus

Christian education has always been about the future, our children’s future.  It is our vision that our children will be best served by having a combined pre-K to 12th grade campus.  We know that God has faithfully provided our school with the funds, teachers, and board members necessary for over 100 years, and it is exciting to be a part of the next step going forward in Christian education in Sheboygan County.  Anyone who shares this vision and would like to help make it a reality is encouraged to contact our Director of Finance and Development Justin Zylstra.
For more information on the future of our school visit the Master Planning page here.